October 2019

furniture helpline cheque

WFL President Dick Balchin presents a cheque of 500 to David George of Furniture Helpline

Photograph: Ray Payne

Woolmer Forest Lions hands over a cheque for 500 to David George, the manager of the Furniture Helpline in Bordon to help purchase a vehicle that the Furniture Helpline currently leases. This vehicle is used to collect and deliver furniture. The charity last year assisted 950 people, by offering them second hand furniture either for free or at a very low cost.

The charity also has a Men's Shed where old furniture is recycled, and a repair cafe where qualified volunteers repair items for free, arrange fairshare food distribution and a local safeplace.

David thanked Woolmer Forest Lions for their generous donation, and he also thanked the wider community for donating the money in the first place, and he really appreciated the support.