June 2017

Woolmer Forest Lions - Easter Egg Appeal 2017

Cheque Handover to the SERV Wessex Blood Bikers

alistair -blood bikers

Lion Alistair Gallon presents cheque to Tim Bennett of the SERV Wessex Blood Bikers

Photograph: Courtesy of Tom Ferguson

Woolmer Forest Lions club were delighted to hand over a cheque for £2142.27 to Tim Bennett treasurer of the SERV Wessex Blood Bikers, at the Angel Hotel, Privett, Alton, on 3 June 2017.

This fantastic amount was raised from this year’s Easter Egg Appeal, where 30  local businesses and outlets raffled giant Easter Eggs, to support WFL and the Blood Bikers. Almost £3,000 was raised, and after the cost of the eggs was deducted, the whole amount was donated to the SERV Wessex Blood Bikers.

Alistair Gallon, the club treasurer, is photographed presenting the cheque to Tim Bennett  from the Blood Bikers. Alistair said the Lions were delighted to help such a worthy cause. The Blood Bikers help save lives, 365 days a year and Alistair thanked all the outlets that took part in the raffle, and the general public for their amazing generosity.

Chris Webb

PR Officer