September 2016

President's Jottings

This month we received two interesting pieces of information from our American Headquarters. The first was to advise us of a donation of $100,000 to the local Italians Lions Clubs to assist in humanitarian needs following the recent tragic earthquake in Italy. This amount will be swelled from Lions Clubs around the world sending donations from their own funds, but also donations from street appeals. The money goes to local clubs who are considered best placed to assess local priorities.

The second one was the outcome of a previous International Lion President, who two years ago, challenged the organisation to follow the Lions motto: 'We Serve' and to serve one million people with assistance or aid. He wanted his target to be met in our centennial year of 2017. The good news is that we have within the globe, achieved this figure last month, well within the timeframe set. So Lions throughout the world can be proud we have lived up to our motto.

Back to matters closer to home:

Our Club Quiz Night sill has some table spaces, so if you are a keen quiz-goer, please come along to the Headley Village Hall on 30 September 2016 from 7pm. Book your table via any Lion or use the Freephone Number 0845 833 7858.

Hope to see you there

So where else will you find us this month?

Jolly Farmers - 16 September - playing skittles for fun

Headley Fate - 17 September - Marshalling Cars

Blackmoor Apple Day

Our plans for the Blackmoor Apple Day on October 9th are well advanced, so we hope to see you there. Never been to it? Well here is your chance, it is free, there are lots of stalls for good causes and you get to taste and buy apples and pears direct from the farm. Just follow the signs on the day and have lots of fun.

Tony Vaus

Lion President