May 2017

President's Jottings

Having just got back from car parking duties at the Headley Fun Run I raise my hat in admiration of all the runners and the organisers. It struck me that this year there were more youngsters than ever taking part and that's a good sign for the future. Lenny our Lion mascot would have run, but age has taken its toll on his knees..... he has run a London Marathon, so we all forgive him.

April saw us collecting for the Marie Curie charity - across the three days we collected just under 1,000, so a very sincere thank you if you donated to any of us wearing those daffodil hats.

Our treasurer Alistair, is in the process of counting all of the monies we collected in our Easter Egg Appeal, raising money for the Blood Bikers charity. So watch out soon for the final figure and hopefully photos of the club passing on the monies thus raised. Another sincere thank you to all the outlets who supported us and to all those that entered the draw. If, you were a winner I hope you enjoyed the chocolate.

Finally I wanted to share with you a very touching act of generosity. At a local garage one of the Blood Bikers was putting petrol in their bike, whilst en-route to a delivery. A motorist at an adjacent pump, who knew of their charity, through our appeal, paid for the Blood Bikers tank of petrol. Again I raise my hat, to a very kind act - thank you very much for supporting this worthy cause.

If you would like to join us, please get in touch, whatever time you can spare, we greatly value.

Lion President - Tony