February 2018

I recently looked after my brother-in-laws house, whilst he and his family were away. Part of this task was to re-stock their fridge the day before they came home. It was whilst doing this that highlighted the benefit of one of the Lions club free gifts... Message in a Bottle - its a simple idea. It works like this: using a small canister the householder enters all their key medical history, such as current medications taken, next of kin, on the paperwork provided, then seals the canister and places it in the fridge. A green cross sticker placed on the inside of the front door, alerts medical personnel as to its existence, giving them all the information they need. So there it was in my relations fridge.

If you would like one, or you have or relative that could use 'Message in a Bottle' they can be found in local Doctors surgeries or local libraries. Or simply get in touch, and we will get them to you... it could save a life!

One of our members has the distinction of being a 'scrap man.' Not someone always in a fight - no its scrap as in metals! Lion Ray collects used drinks cans and sells them to a scrap merchant. The monies raised from this then go towards our helping local communities. Ray always has room for more cans, so if you are a business that is able to collect them, let us know please, as 'Every Little Helps.'

This month we shall finalise our Easter Egg Appeal 2018, so please watch out for our web meister Lion Chris to post the details of where to buy tickets, and this year we are supporting the charity Canine Partners, (see the News section on the club's website).

If you were amongst those who donated to the Marie Curie collection at Tesco's in Bordon, the club thanks you for your generosity. We shall be at Rake Garden Centre on March 10th - hope to see you there?

Lion President Tony