April 2016

Now that Easter has passed we have gathered in all of the proceeds from the sale of chocolate Easter eggs in our area. A very sincere thanks to all the good folks who sold tickets for us, to the good folks who bought tickets; together you have raised a total of £1,526 from 27 eggs.  All of this money will go to two of our local Donec homes to provide much needed equipment. 

Thank you so very much.

Thanks of a different kind came to our April club meeting, when Lion Brian was presented with the International Presidents Appreciation award. This award was made in recognition of outstanding work in raising money to enable a third world community to be donated, plant and care for 20,000 trees. These will provide an income, food and fuel .A truly Lionistic purpose, richly deserving the award made to Brian.

You have probably seen the initiative to ‘Clean up for the Queen’ The club has taken up the community initiative and will be litter picking on Broxhead Common Saturday on 21 May.

Rory -  the Woolmer Forest Lions mascot will also be out with club members, so if you see him, give him a wave, he has not escaped he is quite tame !!

Due to unforeseen circumstances the April quiz has been postponed until September 2016 -  so that gives people plenty of time for some swotting up! 

Lion President Tony Vaus