December 2017

Last month I had the honour to lay our Lions Club wreath at the Bordon War Memorial in commemoration of the cessation of hostilities. It is a moving occasion made even more moving this year for two distinct aspects.

The first example was at the ceremony was a veteran soldier who had fought in the Second World War, and had taken part in the D-Day landings and was there to remember his fallen comrades.

The second example was that it came very close to an appeal we had received on behalf of a limbless ex-soldier, who on being hospitalised found that all his possessions and contents of his flat were removed and destroyed. Not only was he now homeless, he was also bereft of any furnishings or personal belongings. Together with other agencies, we were able to assist him by providing living essentials and funds to purchase furnishings. This is a perfect example of where we use the money you kindly donate to us. Everything we raise locally, goes out to help local people. No administration fees are deducted, it all goes out to help others.

This month is our busiest - we are in the process of putting together Christmas food parcels from donations collected in the yellow bags, to which we add some special Christmas treats. So if you responded to our appeal, we thank you so much. We shall be out and about at the Bordon Fair, where Lion Santa Ray will be dispensing goodies. We shall also be out and about with our Christmas float making collections. So, if we see you there please do stop and say hello.

The mention of the float reminds me to appeal to you all - we are seeking a garage to house our trailer during the year. If you have a garage space that we could rent, please contact the club and we can discuss this with you.

Last, but by no means least, may I, on behalf of our Lions Club wish you all a peaceful festive season and thank you for your support over the past year.

Lion President Tony