June 2022

The past few months have been very busy for Lions Clubs all over the world as they have responded to the situation in Ukraine. Locally we have held several collections for money to send to help the refugees and we have been amazed by the generous response of the local people. We were able to send a total of over £5,000, which will be used by the Lions Club in the Ukraine area to help the refugees in the best way they can.

We have also seen a great response to our Easter Egg Appeal and we have been able to give a sizeable donation to both the Bordon and Headley Food Banks. The past few months have seen more and more people needing to get some support from these food banks and they are doing a great job.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee will be one of the highlights of this year and there are so many local events planned, so I hope you will be supporting some of them. We will be at the Bordon Jubilee Music Event held on June 3rd, so hopefully we will see some of you there.

We are fast approaching the end of our Lionistic year and on 1st July, Lion John Lewis will be taking over the role of President of Woolmer Forest Lions Club. I have thoroughly enjoyed my two years in the role and have been heartened by the support , response, and feedback we receive from the local people.

If we are to continue as a thriving club, we need to encourage new members to join us. I am sure our new president has many plans for the next two years, so this would be a great time to consider joining us and supporting John.

If you would like to find out more about us and get details on how to become a Lion just email me on aywilson@btopenworld.com

Many thanks for your continued support

Joanne Wilson


Joanne Wilson - Hands over the Presidents Chain to John Lewis

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Joanne Wilson - Hands over the Presidents Chain to John Lewis