April 2017

Presidents Jottings

The other day I was in my local Doctors surgery. In the entrance there is one of our Lions collection bins for unwanted reading glasses. An elderly couple came in  and put 12 pairs of glasses in the bin, then came and sat near me. I asked them why they supported the scheme and how they had that many glasses to donate.

The answer to the first part was that they had personal knowledge of people who had received help from the Lions in Angola. The second part was that they collected unwanted glasses from their friends and neighbours and put them in the bins.

Thanks to this sort of kindness our Lions club has been able to forward 1,000 pairs of glasses last year for the Lions Spectrek. All the glasses collected are forwarded to a central point in France, there they are tested, refurbished and sent onto Lions clubs in the third world to be professionally dispensed for those needing glasses. So if you have some unwanted glasses we would love to receive them.

This month sees us out and about helping with collections for Marie Curie nurses and foundation - its a tremendous cause which we are proud to help with.

Last month I mentioned our Easter Egg Appeal to raise money for the Blood Bikers charity. Reports are coming in of venues already having sold out all their tickets, so if you see some unsold best be quick!

This month we celebrate a fellow Lion, Ken Bassett  and his 25 years of club membership. That is a real milestone, particularly for those who knows how much he has done for the club, its members and his community.

DSC 0029

President Tony and Lion Ken Bassett celebrating 25 years

Lion President - Tony Vaus