August 2017

Welcome Readers

You may remember when I wrote about our Easter Egg raffle money good cause - The Blood Bikers charity. Well we have now heard from them; the money we raised for them has gone towards buying four special milk boxes. Now I hear you asking what's milk boxes got to do with them? Well they also transport human milk that has been donated, and is used for premature babies. These boxes are temperature controlled allowing this life-giving milk donations to be transported speedily by these volunteer bikers. Some of us will be going to meet with the bikers very shortly for the handover of this vital equipment. Hopefully we can get some photographs of this on our gallery.

I wanted to put in a little reminder about our own small piece of equipment that too can save lives. Its called 'Message in a Bottle. It is a simple idea: Its a plastic canister, into which you place vital notes of medication being taken, and it is stored in the fridge. Emergency services are very well aware of this scheme, so if they are called out, they know where to go to retrieve this important information. They know because in the kit, there are two stickers, one for inside the front door, and one for the fridge door.

So if you or someone you know is on special medication, the next time you are in your local doctor's surgery or the library just pick up a pack, they are free. If you need one, and cannot find one, just get in touch with us and we will arrange delivery. As Del Boy said - 'You know it makes sense!'

Well where is the Club off to in August?

On the 5th we are at Gilbert Whites House for their Dog Show

On the 6th to the White Dove Car Show at Kingsley - this is a great show with lots of interesting motors

On the 12th August we will be at the Bordon Fun Day at the Forest Centre

On the 15th August the Club will be going on their summer social outing on the canal boat from Godalming

Maybe we will see you at one of these events?

Lion President Tony