March 2018

Last month saw us enjoying a social skittles evening at the Jolly Farmers, Blacknest. What an enjoyable evening it was. There are some avid bowlers amongst our Lion Members, easily spotted by their bowling stance, with a skittle wood in their hands. So, at the end of a great evening, guess who was the winner? ...... it was Lion Maureen a bowling novice! Well done Maureen, and where did those experienced and avid bowlers come? Way down the scoring order.

This month we welcome back three of our Lions club members, who have experienced bouts of ill-health; so its good to see Derek, Pat and Tom back in the club, its good to see you all well again, and roaring to get involved.

So, where will you find us this month?

We will be at Wyevale Garden Centre, Rake, where we will be collecting for the Marie Curie charity, on the 10th March, the day before Mothering Sunday, we hope to see you there?

Our Easter Eggs will be appearing in the collecting points around the 10th of March, so please look out for these. The cause WFL is supporting this year, is the charity 'Canine Partners.' This incredible charity provides dogs for people with disabilities and the dogs who go into their homes, are trained to help with so many household tasks, such as opening doors, loading and unloading washing machines, door opening, reacting to door bells, and even operating cash machines.

So, please support us and help us raise money for this very worthwhile cause, entries cost 1, and the eggs are delicious, if you are lucky enough to win.

Lion President Tony